a/break machinations
Immigrant Breast Nest (IBN009)
Released: 2009.11.10

a/break machinations

a/break machinations fractures, re-sequences, and otherwise manipulates a single drum break, touching on several of electronic music's finest traditions, such as drum'n'bass, breakcore, trip-hop and jungle. Each new track sets the break in a new context, beginning with a cerebral drone and climaxing in a carnal outburst of pulse-pounding goodness.

a/break machinations is volume one of ImDM, a series of projects dedicated to exploring electronically produced, beat-based musics.

all songs composed & produced by David Morneau
published by 5of4 Music

Mad beat professor Morneau is cloning and re-sequencing rhythmic DNA chains, mutating the groove and building up an army of seething breaks to unleash from university halls to street gutters. Get ready for the monocle to fall out of your eye when this shit drops. Class is in session, fools; pay attention and you might learn something.

1. Salutation 00:03:20
2. Transformation 00:08:24
3. Hesitation 00:04:16
4. Jubilation 00:03:17
5. Observation 00:06:14
6. Stimulation 00:08:40