B'ak'tun Waning
Immigrant Breast Nest (IBN025)
Released: 2012.12.21

This is an album project I created for Immigrant Breast Nest in my role as composer-in-residence.

  1. Speak Onion - Nonlinear Division 05:53
  2. David Morneau - King of Iniquity 04:20
  3. Xrin Arms - EYES 03:06
  4. Red Wierenga - Distoime 07:26
  5. Joy Through Noise - Saturn 05:35
  6. Mysterious House - The Carbonated Chair 06:08
  7. FluiD - The Conqueror 05:04
  8. David B. Applegate - Thirst for annihilation 03:45
  9. Scenic Railroads - Pleasant, Dead. 09:40
  10. Gene Pritsker - Death Preacher 05:47
  11. seismologist - Sixth Wing 03:36
  12. Elevator Machine Room - The Morning After 07:50

On December 21, 2012, the current and final B’ak’tun will end, ushering in the Apocalypse. What do we do with this last year of existence? How do we prepare for the End of Days? What will you be doing when the world is swallowed up in fire and brimstone? Immigrant Breast Nest has a plan. We’re going to do what we do best: make wrecked sounds.

We’re working with David Morneau to bring you B’ak’tun Waning, a new compilation of eschatological music from twelve artists who refuse to stay quiet in these final months. These noise-makers of the apocalypse will unleash a new track on the 21st day of each month, counting us down to armageddon. On December 21, 2012, doomsday, the twelfth track will appear, ushering in the final celebration: a sweaty orgy of noise to which all are invited.Watch this page for new tracks and all the info on B’ak’tun Waning, an essential part of any apocalypse preparedness kit.

1. King of Iniquity 00:04:20
12. The Morning After 00:07:50