Is This Jazz?
Immigrant Breast Nest (IBN034)
Released: 2012.11.26

an Immigrant Breast Nest project that remixes music of Ben Galina's Salo ensemble.

  1. Metamorphistopheles (Lost in Reverb Remix by redHat) 05:09
  2. Trans-galactic Sleep Chamber (Peter Seligman Remix) 06:37
  3. Sundial Lotus (Speak Onion Remix) 04:42
  4. The Sky is an Eye (Soaked Remix by Bad Timing) 06:03
  5. Orbitron Revoluto (David B. Applegate Remix) 07:33
  6. Orbitron Revoluto (Space Jazz Remix by Joy Through Noise) 09:23
  7. Worm Emperor (Steelyard Remix by seismologist) 04:26
  8. Glowing Orbes (David Morneau Remix) 11:47

Our cadre of electronics masterminds bring you eight remixes of Ben Gallina's Salo- an instrumental septet bent on fusing knotty compositions with intense improvisations, masterfully interweaving gentle and fiery impulses, hard mathematics and ardent blowing. The richness and diversity of the raw material is mirrored in the variety of angles Immigrant Breast Nest's artists chose to approach it. redHat's dub'n'jungle assault, the glitched, techno-inspired work-outs of Bad Timing and Peter Seligman, seismologist's patented industrial groove... We've touched the void and returned to earth monstrous. Speak Onion applies his drum'n'noise styles to a tune originally built off a Hindemith fugue. David B. Applegate whips each sound on a death march into a glitched fun-house while Joy Through Noise and David Morneau hit us with off-kilter atmospheres, re-invented ambiences, echoes.

Here at Immigrant Breast Nest, we're ecstatic to present this set of unclassifiable sounds. Is this jazz? Was it ever? We don't know. Is it a ground-breaking work of remix genius? Absolutely.