Immigrant Breast Nest (IBN050)
Released: 2014.12.06


THE ENTERTAINMENT is Immigrant Breast Nest's 50th album:

THE ENTERTAINMENT. Immigrant Breast Nest has been in operation for five years and to celebrate we'd like to present THE ENTERTAINMENT, our 50th release. Through the course of the compilation's 20 tracks, you can hear the past, present, and future of our label. Familiars from I.B.N.'s early days crash against newcomers with startling new sounds to present. We're always pleased to hear musicians break, trouble, and complicate electronic forms and genres: all the tracks here do that work.

Immigrant Breast Nest sprung from two people jamming in a Queens, NY furniture factory and has since run a course of mutation which cannot be charted by rational means. No evolution but a kind of arcane septicity. Just as the artists we represent perform impossible vivisections and outlandish experiments within their music, so have we sliced open the idea of the net-label and tinkered with its innards. Immigrant Breast Nest always remains a possibility, a convergence, a nucleus forming out of unrepentant creativity. It's infectious work and the infection is THE ENTERTAINMENT.

There are 19 other amazing artists on this album. I'm thrilled to have been included.

  1. Thermometerometer - Unsteady Combustor
  2. Somatic Responses - Oddly Harrison
  3. Joy Through Noise - Birth
  4. Mysterious House - comedy architecture
  5. DOS4GW - Butterfly
  6. Bad Timing - Ruinenlust
  7. BlipVert - Sun Ra's Car
  8. Neurobit - Completely Puzzled
  9. David B. Applegate - I CAN TALK YOUR HEAD OFF
  10. Speak Onion - Their Bellies Full of Sand
  11. Selector Catalogue - Coat Rack
  12. decrepit jaw - parade of dust
  13. David Morneau - Five Step
  14. Genus Inkasso - Bucket Shop
  15. FluiD - The Haunting
  16. 8cylinder - A Pattern Unkind to Human Form
  17. Baseck - Acidrum
  18. lanuk - orA
  19. BLÆRG - Enculturated by Detritus
  20. enn{kdog - rhombusfest 2017!!!!!
13. Five Step 06:44