The New Voice of Chromatic Disgruntlement
~chromatik_d_zabu.tmp (CDZabu) (Vol. XVIII)
Released: 2006.08.30

~CDZ created a series of albums using a round-robin collaboration: someone creates a single layer, pass it to the next person who adds to it and then passes it along to the next person, and so until everyone has added a layer. The first person usually gets to add another layer at the end. The same group of collaborators will make a set of tracks with everyone going first at least once. In 2006 they collaborated with Vox Novus and I had a chance to participate. I was a part of 4 tracks. I don't remember who the other collaborators on my tracks were (except Robert Voisey). Nor do I really remember which bits I contributed to my tracks, except in the case of Synq: I went first and made the glitchy rhythm track.

  1. Vogel's Private Hell
  2. Da Vinci Downtown
  3. Not Asleep Yet
  4. Mr. Glitch Meets Glitchbot
  5. Dr Turbano
  6. Urba Lulkanto
  7. Voltaire's Underwear
  8. Deep Drag Gone
  9. Synq
  10. Descent Into Chaos
  11. Better Late Than Never
  12. Spidered Sidewalks Of Glam
  13. Do You Dream In Black And White?

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3. Not Asleep Yet 00:04:04
6. Urba Lulkanto 00:03:06
8. Deep Drag Gone 00:03:06
9. Synq 00:05:05