Hans Tammen's 50th Anniversary of Hair
Friday, October 19, 2018 - 7:00pm

70 Flushing Avenue, Garage A
Brooklyn, NY 11205

“At the 50th anniversary of Ragni’s, Rado’s and MacDermot’s anti-war musical HAIR, SPECTRUM, New York’s premier performance venue commemorates this event with a 3hr evening of performances, sound poetry, music, and visuals. Curated by Hans Tammen, the evening will feature works by l’Artiste ordinaire, Shelley Hirsch, Steve Bull, Gisburg & Louie Terrier, Katya Naphtali, Damien Olsen, Glenn Cornett, Dafna Naphtali, Ken Butler, Matthew Aidekman, Shoko Nagai & Stephen Gauci, Kurt Ralske, François Grillot, among others! The evening will also feature a lecture by Prof. David Hyman from Lehman College, and concludes with a performance of the Gaddadelics, ingeniously fusing various themes from MacDermot’s masterpiece that pushes the audience into overdrive!”

l’Artiste ordinaire is joined by Yanbin Song (interactive gestures) to perform Good Morning.


Hans Tammen