Box Shy
Instrumentation: Live Electronics
Box Shy

The last project I worked on with Seen Performance was to be a series of series of short works created through round-robin style collaboration that join in the social mingling at local house parties, challenging where we see performance.

Each of us takes a week to add a layer to the current piece, developing its "concept" or style one by one. We then convene over the elements and figure out how to polish the work so that it is ready for performanace -preferably at a local house party or some similar setting, putting performance into social mingling like any other conversation.

Box Shy was the first of these pieces. Esther began the process with a video-taped dance. Shana continued by adding animation to the video. I completed the process by composing music for the piece. Then we headed into the studio and reworked everything into a live performance version, replacing the video-taped choreography with new movement and replacing the animation with a scroll that would be unwrapped by the audience to create a box in which Esther and I performed.

Read more about this process on the Seen Performance blog.

Performance History

Collaborations in Dance || 2010.09.24, 8:00 pm
Seen Performance Anniversary || 2009.03.10, 8:00 pm
Works Category: Music for Dance, Electronica