in8 was created using a vintage Nintendo Gameboy running a loop sequencer called Nanoloop. 8bit music feels like a natural choice for an 8channel sound system. The numerology doesn’t stop there. There are 8 movements – each is 8^2 seconds long. Each movement has an 8 letter title. in8 is a piece I’ve been making (off and on) for the past 8 years. Different iterations have appeared in public at different moments. At this point, most of the original ideas are long gone, lost in a haze of revisions and resets.

1) Antiphon
2) monCoeur
3) WeakDaze
4) BaaBaaba
5) Drooaann
6) TooCubed
7) KickKink
8) HappyEnd

This music exists at the nexus between the Credo of John Cage and the Legend of Zelda, between the sonic structures of Edgard Varèse and the geometric structures of Tetris, between the electronic world of Kraftwerk and the mushroom fueled world of Mario. It is the gateway to a dreamworld of two-dimensional perfection complete with powerups, extra lives, and vicious turtles. It is the soundtrack for a left to right path toward enlightenment. It is Terry Riley vs. Donkey Kong. And it blasts at you in glorious 8bit sound.

Performance History

Works Category: Electronica