Sketches of Jain
Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone

This was composed as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law Jainie. The concept is lighthearted and pokes fun at some of her foibles. I included poems in the score (one per movement) as additional little jabs.

I. Café Éternel
Do as the Romans do when you’re in Rome,
(Or as the locals when you’re not at home.)
So in England, you see,
It’s best to drink tea.
But not her, she’ll drink coffee with foam

II. Punctually Challenged
When he’s ready to go out,
She is running all about
Closing this, adjusting that,
Changing this and combing that.

When he’s ready, she is not
(And this happens quite a lot)
So silently he’ll contemplate,
Why he’s always early and she’s always late.

III. Insatiable Ambience
She lights candles all night and day,
“It’s for ambience,” she’ll often say.
Even while cooking
She’s always looking
To create mood in her own unique way.

IV. Neurotic Obsession
“I don’t obsess,” she said once. “Not at all.”
“I don’t obsess,” she said twice. “Not at all.”
She said it again
And again and again,
“Not at all. Not at all. Not at all.”

Works Category: Chamber, Instrumental