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a/break machinations fractures, re-sequences, and otherwise manipulates a single drum break, touching on several of electronic music's finest traditions, such as drum'n'bass, breakcore, trip-hop and jungle. Each new track sets the break in a new context, beginning with a cerebral drone and climaxing in a carnal outburst of pulse-pounding goodness.

ImDM is a series of projects dedicated to David Morneau's exploration of
electronically produced, beat-based musics.

all songs composed & produced by David Morneau
published by 5of4 Music
mastered by Dan Abatemarco

special thanks to
Dan Abatemarco, Jay Batzner, Wendi & Salli Cheng, Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Kris Diehl & Esther Palmer, Iggy, Steve Johnson, Barbara Lovely, Mike McFerron, Matt & Theresa Moon, Anna Morneau, Brud & Benji Morneau, Dan & Megan Morneau, Ed 'Skip' Morneau, B. Lee & Marilyn Skilken, Steve Stadler, Jessica Tupa, Stephen Turk, Robert Voisey, Jon & Melodee Whitman, Rod & Nancy Ziolkowski, and Constance Zweifel

and especially
Amiti Perry, for her dedication to this project
Paul & Susan Morneau, for their loving encouragement and unwavering support
and my loving wife, JoLayne, for her boundless enthusiasm and patient friendship

Available for purchase through CDBaby.

Available for purchase through Aucourant Records.

Available for free download from Immigrant Breast Nest