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David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre, a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself.

a "flashing beacon" of inspiration
—Molly Sheridan, Mind the Gap
"…unusual, esoteric, and offbeat" performances that "utilize innovative techniques to engage both audience and performance space."
—Jeffrey Harmatz, Queens Ledger


Check out my new project: Not Less Than the Good.


Love Songs reviews

"every time you think you know what world this disc is in, it changes just enough to make you question your assumptions."
—Jay Batzner, sequenza21
"great concept….loved the idea….as impressive as I hoped."
United Mutations
"…elegantly rendered…. You wish you could press the replay button."
—Erin Bomboy, NM421


Broken Memory review

"…absolutely wrecks shop.… For that, David Morneau wins.…This is certifiable."
—Joshua Decker, Grindthieves


The Ballad of Milt Famey review

"David Morneau's Ballad of Mitt Faney (wth that unspeakable pun) had… a happily prissy way with the dirtiest words.
—Harry Rolnick, ConcertoNet



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