Dave Ruder


Dave Ruder (by Reuben Radding)

Dave Ruder is an NYC vocalist, clarinetist, guitarist, electronicist, composer, songwriter, writer/librettist, interdisciplinary collaborator, etc. Dave is a key member of the band Why Lie?, the ensembles Varispeed and thingNY, and the storytelling project Dave & Woody’s Chicken Slaughtering LLC. He has regularly worked with Robert Ashley, Anthony Braxton, Kimberly Bartosik, Aaron Siegel, Andrew Lafkas (Eidolon), Abigail Levine, Joanna Kotze, and Panoply Performance Laboratory. Since 2013, Dave has been the driving force behind Gold Bolus Recordings. As a composer, Dave wrote The Gentleman Rests, a meditation on the certification of the 2000 presidential election, with a commission from the Jerome Foundation and Roulette in 2014. Dave holds degrees from Wesleyan University and Brooklyn College. [daveruder.com]



Soft Series no.3 - MALEDETTO || 2016.04.01, 9:00 pm