Fenway Memories
Instrumentation: Fixed Media

Originally published on 60x365.com on November 1, 2007:

Fenway Memories -- I'm kicking off Listener Appreciation Month here at 60x365 with a piece suggested by Susan Morneau (my mother). She grew up north of Boston and is a huge fan of the Red Sox. Since they just won the World Series (again!) she suggested some music that is regularly played at Fenway Park:

Since they just won the World Series, and it is SUCH a big deal to us Boston fans, maybe you could do something with this. The song played at Fenway during every single game, in the 8th inning, is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. There is even a "Fenway Version" in which game sounds and fans singing the song (and fans do sing it every single time) are interspersed throughout the song. Another Red Sox song is "Dirty Water" by the Standells. This song is played immediately following a home victory. In fact, when U2 played in Boston in 2005, they put a little of that song into Vertigo.

Today's piece uses these two songs, along with some memorable audio from their 2004 World Series Victory. Enjoy.

Works Category: Electro-acoustic