Sunshine & Dirt

This is my second soundscore for Ashley A Friend, composed for her performance at the Joyce SoHo Theater in NYC. We explored a lot of concepts for this project, including geography, communication, nature, and our relationship with our respective art forms. The soundscore weaves sampled sounds into ambient and minimalist textures that question what it means to compose.

Rather than uploading the entire soundscore, I've selected these four tracks. Two of them—Drums! and Sunrise—appeared in the show as heard hear. This Is is an early sketch that was subsequently broken apart into little pieces that appeared throughout the piece. Wonder was an idea that we never did use, I include it here because I like it so much. Enjoy.

choreography – Ashley A. Friend
dancers – Sarah Felice-Evans, Ashley A Friend, Erin Hopkins, Akemi Nishi & Savina Thoreau
music – David Morneau
lighting design – J Lillian Gray
costumes – Amiti Perry
video design – the YouTube community