The Clone Zone
Instrumentation: Nintendo Game Boy + Nanoloop
Clone Zone

Anna and the Annadroids: The Clone Zone is an evening length work by Anna Sullivan. I created a couple of tracks for her from recordings of my vintage Nintendo Gameboy and samples of her voice. From the official description:

Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission to escape the Clone Zone. Smart, funny, and surreal, this computer animation-enhanced dance and aerial theater production places a small band of quirky robot girls in a video game-like world designed to structurally parallel Carl Jung's multi-layered psychoanalytic model of the human psyche. There, Anna has five lives (The Annadroids) with which to battle and evade the weird and wonderfully whacked-out forces that reside in the deepest regions of her programmed mind.

Conceptually, The Clone Zone is a video game-inspired dance show that is modeled after Carl Jung's concept of the many layers of the human psyche. Just like in a video game, the dancers progress through each level gaining and losing life along the way. The strategy of this game is to complete each level with at least one life remaining. As the characters complete each level they become more aware, ultimately discovering their connection to the Collective Unconscious. The overall message of the show is that if we as humans are willing to more deeply investigate the social pressures and personal phenomenological experiences that make us who we are, we will obtain an awareness that will help us move toward what Jung called Individuation, the individual Self who evolves from out of undifferentiated unconscious. We cannot escape our Self, but we can escape a Clone Zone way of life.


Performance History

Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.20, 2:00 pm
Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.19, 8:00 pm
Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.18, 8:00 pm
Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.13, 2:00 pm
Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.12, 8:00 pm
Anna and The Annadroids: Clone Zone || 2008.01.11, 8:00 pm
Works Category: Music for Dance, Electronica