60x60 Redux
Instrumentation: Fixed Media

Originally published on 60x365.com on March 22, 2008:

60x60 Redux -- One of the original inspirations for this podcast was Robert Voisey's 60x60 project. Each year he puts out a call for one minute compositions, which he sorts through to build a playlist of sixty pieces. These are presented without interruption as a continuous one-hour block of music. I've participated twice in the past [bsym5.1 and Here, I'll Play It Again].

The deadline for this year's submissions in fast approaching, so I made this piece as a little tribute to 60x60. I used one second from each of the tracks on the 2003 60x60 CD.

Performance History

The Bridge Project || 2009.01.23, 8:00 pm to 2009.01.25, 8:00 pm
Works Category: Electro-acoustic