Love Songs Remixed
Composer's Concordance (comcon0020)
Released: 2015.02.24

Love Songs Remixed

Love Songs is an experiment in songwriting. The lyrics for each track pairs one of Shakespeare's Sonnets with a contemporary poem. The music draws on the structures and sensibilities of familiar love songs from popular music idioms and exists in that small slice of common ground where art song and pop song overlap.

These remixes are a similar experiment. Composers and producers of different backgrounds and radically different approaches to music were charged with taking the original songs and creating new pieces. The results are as varied as the composers, and expand the idea of what a remix can be.

Special thanks to
David B. Applegate, Dan Cooper, Melissa Grey, IriXx, Mike McFerron, Baraka Noel, Milica Paranosic, Gene Pritsker, & Robert Voisey