Flute Club
Instrumentation: Flute, Fixed Media
Flute Club

Flute Club comes from the tradition of composers working with popular dance forms. From the minuet and the gigue, to the waltz and the foxtrot, to the bolero and the tango, there is a rich history of music written in these forms. Now, one of our modern forms—the dance club—is explored as the basis for a new work. The thumping “four-on-the-floor” bass pounding out every beat, the droning, looping synth lines, the harmonic stasis, and the seemingly boundless energy of this style come to the fore here.

For this piece, the electronic sounds are all ready-made loops that Apple bundles with its Garageband software, acknowledging the homemade aesthetic at the roots of this style. Over these loops, the flute dances through a series of extended techniques and melodic loops of its own.

Performance History

Composer's Voice (Vicky Chow) || 2009.06.28, 1:00 pm