60x365 (sixty by three-sixty-five) is an experimental new music podcast by composer David Morneau. Every day for a year, Morneau will compose a new sixty-second composition and post it online at 60x365.com. This project commenced on July 1, 2007, and will conclude June 30, 2008, resulting just over six hours of new music in sixty-second installments.

For this project, Morneau is exploring a wide variety of musical styles and techniques, including musique concrète, sine wave synthesis, digital sampling, 8-bit constructions, process music, acousmatic composition, and post-techno beat manipulations. Each daily post brings something new and different, a constant variety. The daily deadline means the works sometimes lose their preciousness as they become explorations in process and method for Morneau—with his form or his audience—as much as they are works of art.

Morneau chose to create a composition specifically for the internet because of an interest in its effect on the creation and dissemination of music and art. One-minute compositions are easy to download. The podcast format encourages listener subscription. 60x365 is presented as a series of shorter pieces over time, in a particular order. However, the listener may wait until many pieces are posted and then listen in any order he desires. Also a listener may only tune in periodically. Some will listen with headphones, some with computer speakers of varying quality, some on a mobile device, some will listen with friends, some will listen alone.


Electronic Music Midwest 2009 || 2009.11.06, 7:30 pm