Machined Time [Drum Club]
Instrumentation: Drumset, Fixed Media
Machined Time

Machined Time can be heard as musing on the differences between machine- and human-performed rhythms. It can also be heard as musings on the nature of time, set to a beat (in time, as it were). Or, if one prefers, Machined Time can simply be heard as the sum of its parts: loops, beats and voices. Special thanks to the readers who so graciously contributed their time and voices to this project: Jay Batzner, Andy Christian, Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Eleanor Dubinsky, Gina Ferris, Lillian Gray, Christina Hourihan, Lana Is, Maria Ljungdahl, Mike McFerron, Melanie Mitrano, JoLayne Morneau, Gagi Petrovic, Lea Rathbun, Jonathan Schnicke, Boris Willis, and Viola Yip.

Composed as part of a collaboration with Soundlings and Circuit Bridges for concerts in New York and Amsterdam.

Performance History

Circuit Bridges: @Splendor || 2015.06.13, 8:00 pm
Works Category: Chamber, Electronica