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Love Songs

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Love Songs is an experiment in songwriting. The lyrics for each track pairs one of Shakespeare's Sonnets with a contemporary poem. Each collaborating poet selected one sonnet and paired it with something of their own--either an existing poem or one written especially for this project. The nature of each pairing was left to the poet so that the works may compliment, contradict, or simply co-exist. I set each pair simply, drawing on the structures and sensibilities of familiar love songs from popular music idioms. The goal was to compose in that small slice of common ground where art song and pop song overlap.


Donors: Dan Abatemarco, DJ Sparr, Elainie Lillios, Emily Bach dot Net, Jen Painter, Katherine Crawford, Lou A Tungol, Paul P Rodriguez, Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Alphonse Izzo, Brent Wilson, Jacob Reed, Austin Alexis, Valerie Althouse, Andrew Krutko, Dina Rybak, Matthew Dotson, Shana Burns, Andy Christian, Anne Fiero, Brent Chancellor, Coco Loupe, Constance Zweifel, Eleanor Dubinsky, Erin Bomboy, George Penesis, The Behlings, Jennifer Henman, Jeremy Ribando, The Bissells ,Karen Neuberg, Mary Hubbell, Nicole, Steve Stadler, The Wolfe Family, Lucinda Kalin, Amiti Perry, Iggy, David Rozenblatt, Gary Perry, James Greenan, Matt & Theresa Moon, Robert Voisey, Alison Coleman, Dan & Megan Morneau, Kris Deihl & Esther Palmer, Yi-Wen Lin, Lei Windy Guo, Yuan-ting Chiu, Cindy Hochman, Jason Fitzgerald, Brud & Benji Morneau, Fix, James F. Petsche & Scott DeHelian, Joe & Irene Hunt, Boris Willis, Charles Frisinger, Rod Ziolkowski, Donald Cooper, George Held, The Fees, The Kenter Family, Ed Morneau, Paul & Susan Morneau